Meet the Team


Create independence at every level of business.

What’s one sure-fire method for moving a business forward? Independence. Employee independence.

Think of it. Your hires fully understand their job descriptions as well as unstated expectations to align objectives and the business mission; even better, they have the skills needed to problem-solve. Imbued with confidence for leaping into each new challenge, employees know what they can do and will take action – all the while cultivating a work environment that feeds curiosity and adaptability, and maximizes procedural time and energy.

How beneficial would you consider employees nimble and efficient enough to add to the profitability of business? (Here’s an open secret: the Red Direction crew – read about each of us below – puts this philosophy into practice.)

But … what is the best way to change ingrained habits, to encourage alternative routines resulting in the targeted outcomes you’ve set for the organization?

You are not alone – this issue affects businesses of all size…

Year after year, top Fortune 500 company concerns include how to do more with less; the navigation of swift marketplace changes; and effectively developing and keeping skilled employees.

We are here to get YOUR TEAM unstuck from the unique, challenging business situations.

The Red Direction Team:

Jessica Dewell, Purposer

Think of Jess as your Purposer: keeping an eye your vision and goals, and working with you to align your actions, develop your skills and build sustainable teams. She is passionate about accurately assessing your business story and how it relates to customers, competitors and future opportunities. She is adamant that there is one unique program for your business, made up of many different existing and emerging technologies and trends … because not all online marketing is right for every business.

Bring her in to join you in building an experience that customers connect to, and which is equally enjoyable to execute. Jess will help you purpose – and, equally important, expand – your existing marketing to promote maximum long-term results.


Pamela Barroway, Editor and Copywriter

Her sharp eye and “dreaded red pen” keep blogs, tweets and, indeed, all content in top form – and aligned to company objectives! It’s all about making audience connections, and Pam is avid about producing copy with clarity, that flows easily, and is complete and eminently readable.

With 15 years’ marketing communications experience, Pam’s work spans web, print and email editing and short-form copywriting. Pen in hand – or virtually in mind – she promotes your voice over all online platforms.


Iva Ignjatovic, Social Media and Project Management

A keen observer of people, Iva assesses data and pulls out trends for specific and targeted use. Her genuine desire to understand needs behind objectives provides information that she uses to build results-oriented plans, customized to you! This is the result of her decade-plus career as a successful marketing, business and communication strategist. Not surprisingly, Iva is curious and creative and analytical.


Amanda Norris, Efficiency and Automation

With a love of technology and productivity, Amanda enjoys learning new applications and platforms. Wth an eye for best practices that fit your team’s work style and workflow, she finds ways to create repeatable processes – and automate as much as possible. She gets excited about spreadsheets, is a Microsoft Access expert and seeks out efficiencies to create practical, time-efficient processes.