April 17, 2018 from 930a-1230p

Church Ranch Event Center

10200 Wadsworth Boulevard
Westminster, CO 80021

Only $20

Businesses with a clearly-outlined and useful plan are consistently at least 12% more profitable.

Besides all the details and goals needed in a strategic business plan, there are often two things overlooked and left out.

  1. How our personal values fit into the organization’s values. This creates a compass that we use to ensure that we are part of a plan. (When we aren’t included do we feel as excited about participating?)
  2. Prioritizing information to support the stated goals. The data we choose to look at influences the priorities we’ve set for ourselves and companies. Without a hierarchy of using the data, we can get stuck and think we aren’t making progress … when we really are.

Let’s face it, our companies experience an
ongoing challenge.

How we collect and use information directly effects our company’s response to external marketplace changes.

Addressing these two often overlooked parts of business planning and strategy, this half-day event is designed to:

Remove frustration, re-ignite stalled projects, and get faster results.

Your immediate take-aways:

  • Prioritize tasks to strengthen company culture.
  • A clear lens to use to communicate.
  • A new way to conduct business reviews.
  • Shift to a team that is excited about what’s next.

This half-day event is a three-part program:

  • We will begin with an exercise that clarifies your values, so that you know how to show up in your role as leader each and every day.

  • We will follow that with a process that will add and prioritize culture measurements into your your business review process (and if you don’t have one … you will have an outline for that too).

  • We will end with a panel discussion about company culture.

At the end of our time together today, you will have:

  • Clarity around your personal values to bring to every role you hold, in every part of your life.
  • A process to recognize communication breakdowns and realign to the goal.
  • Answers to common organizational culture-related questions.

This will allow you to:

  • Prioritize tasks in line with the organization’s mission, and with each action strengthen the company culture.
  • Have a lens to look through to communicate for the good of the business.
  • Reveal common ways that business reviews breakdown and how to avoid them.
  • Create shared meaning of company values as they become the pillars for conducting business.
  • Move from a team that gets the work done to a team that wants to keep working to what’s next.

From economies to technologies to customer expectations, our experience and ability to collect information for decisions plays a large role in how organizations adapt and grow.

Learn how the power of your personal expertise can be cultivated to make better decisions by:

  • Watching for and addressing the four “canaries in the coal mine” that indicate relationships are at risk.
  • Creating shared meaning to reduce feeling overwhelmed.
  • Doing more with less by taking the time to create filters and prioritize what’s collected and cataloged.

These three concepts, woven into the fabric of our organizations, are supported by the focus to deepen relationships and identify information that adds momentum to growth.

Register today and claim your seat. Bring a colleague or bring two! This program is useful for teams.